“Discover the Secrets To Creating Lucrative Joint Ventures That Can Boost Your Credibility And Create A Pipeline Of Cash Flows Within The Next 30 Days...Even If You Do Not Have Your Own Product Or Have Never Set Up A Joint Venture Before!”

Your Passport To Getting Joint Venture Deals With Top Internet Marketers - Fast!

...a brilliant book, masterfully written....

"Just at the time that entrepreneurs are discovering the high profit potential from Joint Ventures, here comes Richard Quek with the exact information they need to assure and make those profits as large as possible. 'Richard Quek's JV Secrets' is a brilliant book, masterfully written."

Jay Conrad Levinson
The Father of Guerrilla Marketing
Author: "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books
Over 15 million sold; now in 43 languages

...Finally, someone has put together a 'no fluff, no puff' guide to doing Joint  Ventures...

Hi Richard,

Finally, someone has put together a 'no fluff, no puff' guide to doing Joint  Ventures in a very class-A way...and that someone is you.

Your polite and no-hype approach on contacting, approaching, and getting JV partners on board is the style I personally like to receive and also use myself when communicating with JV partners.

And the examples you give, one after another after another, serve as a great guide for anyone who wants to learn the true secrets of communicating your JV offer in a way that is both respectful of the JV partner, and exciting to receive too....your book is tops!

Thanks for making this available, I recommend it highly.

Mark Hendricks
Author, Speaker, Business Coach
Software Developer, JV Specialist

From The Desk Of: Richard Quek

Dear friend,

et me start by asking you an important question. What do you think is the best way to generate targeted and responsive traffic to your web site and therefore exploding your cash flow and popularity?

Let me give you a hint! It is not any of these...
1. Search engines 6. Ezine Ads
2. GOOGLE Adwords 7. Web 2.0 Traffic
3. Pay per click search engines 8. Safelists
4. Viral marketing 9. Classified Ads
5. Traffic exchanges 10. FFA

I can honestly tell you that all the above traffic strategies do help to generate traffic. Some are free while others will cost you some money. Some are more effective than others.

Of course, all the above traffic strategies help to generate traffic, and I do know something about traffic generation. In fact, I authored an ebook: 101 ways to drive traffic to any web site - EXPOSED!

But there is a "No Fail" strategy that all the Big Dogs of Internet marketing are using successfully and are not telling you about!

The good news is that today I am going to reveal that method to you!

Through my years of experience on the Internet I have come to one realization and conclusion...if you wish to have continuous success in driving targeted, responsive and hungry prospects to your web site then finding JOINT VENTURES is the best way to approach your business.

What is a Joint Venture?

This is how Wikipedia defines a Joint Venture - A joint venture (often abbreviated JV) is an entity formed between two or more parties to undertake economic activity together. The venture can be for one specific project only, or a continuing business relationship.

If you have been on the Internet scene long enough you should realize that ALL the top Internet marketers are using this one single strategy to explode, publicize, and boost their businesses. This includes Internet marketers such as Mark Joyner, John Reese, Mike Filsaime, Armand Morin and Steven Pierce to name just a few.

Over the years many books have been written on the subject of Joint Ventures. Most of them are based on theory. But when I looked for an ebook that spells out the strategies and step- by-step approaches that are personally applied by a Joint Venture specialist, I could not find one!

I was angry and wondered why these Internet marketers were not revealing the whole truth. I know I have a mission to carry out! So I decided to reveal the truth about how I created my Joint Venture projects from the beginning of my Online presence. In this one-of-a-kind ebook I dissected 4 of the many successful JV projects that I undertook with some of the top Internet marketers. As a result you now have the opportunity to role model my success to avoid all the pitfalls and frustration.

So why should you listen to me?

RichardMy name is Richard Quek and I come from the sunny country of Malaysia. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and had my own Accounting practice for more than 20 years. I have since retired and am now pursuing my passion in Internet marketing and Network marketing.

I have currently authored more that 10 books on the subject of Internet marketing, Network marketing, and Personal development. I also provide training, seminars and boot camps.

I have done various joint ventures with some of the top Internet marketers in the world since 2003 including Joe Vitale, Jay Conrad Levinson, Shawn Casey, Michael Green, John Delavera, Willie Crawford, Mark Hendricks, Mike Filsaime, Jeremy Gislason, and many others. I have been involved with marketing on the Internet for more than 8 years.

I want you to know that all the books that I authored were personally written by me and not by some ghost writers. This is important to you because I am sharing information from my own personal experience and from my heart!

Here are some of my JV partners...

1. Joe Vitale 15. Brian Garvin
2. Jay Conrad Levinson 16. Ewen Chia
3. Shawn Casey 17. David Zohar
4. Michael Green 18. Mike Mograbi
5. John Delavera 19. Liz Tomey
6. Willie Crawford 20. Michael Lee
7. Mark Hendricks 21. Sean Wu
8. Mike Filsaime 22. Jinger Jarrett
9. Jeremy Gislason 23. Michael Nicholas
10. Holly Cotter 24. Patric Chan
11. Rosalind Gardner 25. Naveed Peerzade
12. Harvey Segal 26. Eva Browne-Paterson
13. Adrian Ling 27. Irena Whitfield
14. Roy Oron 28. Others...

Here are some snap shots taken with some of my JV partners


All the information you need to succeed in your Joint Ventures is FINALLY revealed in:

eBook Cover

Richard Quek's
"JV Secrets"

“Your Passport To Getting Joint
Venture Deals With Top Internet Marketers - Fast!”

Okay, before I talk about the benefits that you'll receive from this unique ebook, let me reveal to you what information and strategies you'll be receiving on a silver platter...

1. You will learn about the basics of Joint Ventures. This includes...

(a) the types of Joint Venture
(b) benefits of Joint Venture
(c) where to source for JV partners
(d) the mindset needed to succeed
(e) the important steps to take
(f) useful tools to use
(g) others...

2. You will learn about the various strategies I personally use. By following them, you will have Internet marketers begging to participate in your JV projects.

3. I will dissect before your eyes four of my own JV projects

The Internet Money Machine
My Discount Vault

I will reveal to you how I first started out, having no contact with any of the top Internet marketers. I will inspire you by showing you how I do it and how you can do it too if you just follow what I did. You have an excellent role model in me!

4. I will show you all the emails that I used for all 4 projects. Okay, you can have access to these emails for your own personal use. I also include comments to explain the psychology behind each email I sent.

5. You will get all the promotional ads that I provided to my JV partners for each project.

6. Some of the JV projects involve Master Resale Rights and Resale Rights. You will be given the exact text to be used when working with products that have Resale Rights and Master Resale Rights.

7. You will receive the actual letters that I sent to my JV partners.

8. I have prepared a series of email templates that you can use. Just fill in the blanks and presto... you have a series of emails to send, inviting JV partners to participate in your project.

9. You'll also have the opportunity to work with me and my team. I list the simple qualifications that you need to have to work with me and my team of Internet marketers.

10. In short, I am including the whole shebang! What I did from 2003 to 2004. This is the critical period of my Joint Venture journey and you can learn from my successes and challenges.

Here are some testimonials...

...a definite must read if you want to know the strategies that go into closing the deal in your future Joint Ventures...

Richard has offered a lot of great Joint Venture tips and advice here for you. By showing you his real life case studies, not in theory, you can see emails and strategies that worked successfully in

You are often told about how great Joint Ventures are, but you aren't given the tools you need to get moving. If you don't know how to get started, then Richard's ebook will get you moving. If you don't know how to write a successful Joint Venture emails, then you will learn how to fulfill the needs of the person you are trying to reach easily with this ebook.

This is a definite must read if you want to know the strategies that
go into closing the deal in your future Joint Ventures. I love how
Richard doesn't just talk about the strategies, but he shows you how
he implemented it into his products and how you can too.

Also, we live in a society where many testimonials are not genuine and
are possibly fake. Richard talks about his honest approach to getting
genuine testimonials and that's great.

So if you don't know how to approach your future Joint Venture partners, then grab this ebook right now. Richard offers email templates that you can use to get started so you aren't left in the dark.

*Richard, you've done a great job with this!


Stephen Luc

...Richard tells you EXACTLY WHAT TO DO...

While others tell you about the value of Joint Ventures Richard tells you EXACTLY WHAT TO DO through this ebook.

This is a tremendous resource and one of the FEW ebooks that offer REAL CASE STUDIES' examples and the ACTUAL templates used by the creator.

So, if you want to know how to approach your JV partners, what to tell them and how to behave in general, print the ebook and all the templates offered and just follow the instructions on the letter.

Richard, thanks again for such a great work done!

John Delavera

...one of the best books on the subject of joint ventures...

Hi Richard

I just finished reading your JV Secrets ebook and I must say that it is one of the best books on the subject of joint ventures, which is one of the most important issues for every internet

What I like in your book is that you show the steps you have done personally on your projects, with all the actual email templates you used and the step by step plan that you are teaching to make successful joint ventures.

I have done a few JV's with you in the past and I would recommend your experience in this area to everyone.

David Zohar

...will make a lot of people a ton of money...


I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your JV Secrets ebook and all the great info you share.
I bet that the step-by-step checklists and all your successful JV emails that you have used will make a lot of people a ton of money.
You might have just given out the blueprint that will create the
next round of blockbuster launches.
Great job,
Jeff Dedrick

...anyone that gets their hands on it can now also use your proven secrets...

Hi Richard,

Your new JV Secrets book puts the "JV" into Joint Ventures. No kidding. You make it all so easy showing how to leverage the power of partnering as a true success method.

You've been involved in many win win JVs using the same exact techniques you show in this book and anyone that gets their hands on it can now also use your proven secrets to boost their own success with Joint Ventures.

Michael Nicholas
Read The Newsletter The Gurus Read!


 View a short video presentation


Here are the immediate benefits to you...

tick You can tap into my first-hand experience and reduce your learning curve.
tick You can avoid the pitfalls and challenges by learning from my personal experience.
tick You do not have to create your emails from scratch. You can use my emails as samples. These exact emails I used worked for my JV projects and they can work for you too. Hey, it's even OK with me if you copy it word for word. I just want to see you succeed!
tick The email templates I have included will save you lots of time. Just fill in the blanks and you have a series of emails ready to sent out.
tick The ebook is in PDF format. I have taken the time to create all the sample emails in text format so that you can use them easily. You can amend, copy and paste as you like!
tick You will drive massive, targeted, and responsive traffic to your web site using these proven strategies.
tick You have often heard that the Money is in the list. You will learn how to build the best kind of list there is: your list of JV partners.
tick And many other benefits that you will get by digesting the ebook.

Here are some snap shots taken with my potential JV partners


...become an authority in the art of joint venture...

Hi Richard,

Impressive! JV Secrets has gone to the root of setting up profitable, long-lasting joint venture deals and relationships.

Persuading JV partners to agree with your proposal is certainly not an easy task, as others may think. JV Secrets has unraveled the mystery of how to become an authority in the art of joint venture partnering.

I thought I knew a great deal about JVs, but your ebook has given me many light bulb moments. The case studies are also excellent guides that people can model for their own pursuit. I highly recommend anyone serious in getting great JV deals to get your ebook. The investment will
pay itself many times over.

Michael Lee
a.k.a. The Persuasion Wizard

...I personally got a few tips I can start using immediately...

Hi Richard,

I have been Online for many years and read many books on the topic of Joint Ventures. Many of the books talked about the theory behind Joint Ventures and some were written by ghost writers but yours is a class of its own.

You have shown the readers your 4 successful projects and provided them with a roadmap to follow. You have provided them with the actual emails you used and revealed the psychology behind those emails. The strategies and tips were great. I personally got a few tips I can start using immediately.

You have done a great job with "Richard Quek JV Secrets" and I would strongly recommend it to anyone wishing to create
successful Joint Ventures.

Michael t Glaspie " Mike G "

...this product is the first I've seen that gives real, practical, step-by-step information...

"Richard, you've outdone yourself! I've read countless products that tell you the "WHY" of joint ventures, and even a few that give general outlines on "HOW"... but this product is the first I've seen that gives real, practical, step-by-step information that is incredibly easy to follow, even for the newest marketers!

I'm always on the lookout for products that will truly help my subscribers, and it's rare to find quality items such as this anymore. I rarely give recommendations, but this one gets "two thumbs up" from me!

I look forward to your future offerings if this type of quality is an example of what I can expect!

Warmest regards,
Lisa Preston


...Richard has proven to be a reliable, credible and serious entrepreneur...

Super, High-Quality Products!

I rarely participate in any joint ventures and even less listen to other people recommending anything but when Richard proposes a project or recommends a product I never hesitate. Richard has proven to be a reliable, credible and serious entrepreneur, and what is even more important he is a person who is always able to give you a real, practical piece of advice, and all of his books and courses provide you with exactly this: real, hype-free, practical step-by-step guides leading to success in the respective field. And that's why I highly recommend his products.

If you're serious about your business Richard's products should NOT be missing in your profitable business kit.

Irena Whitfield, Internet Business Consultant for 3rd Millennium

...Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime...

As the Chinese saying goes - "give a man a fish and feed him for the day or show him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime". Richard, you did both. You have not only showed "how-to" but actually showed your real example of JV projects you successfully did in the past. I was gob-smacked with the content you have provided in your ebook. Moreover I am really shocked to see lots of secrets and tips that you gave in this book, I never thought of. Its just perfect time that I was about to launch my next project and this is a God-send ebook for me before I start searching and working with my JVs.. I am quite sure this is going to impact heavily on my promotion.

Thank you my friend

Naveed Peerzade

Let's have a look at why I say that having a list of JV partners is the best list...

Let's say that you have your own opt-in list of 3,000 people.

With this you can only reach a maximum exposure of 3,000 eyeballs.

Let's say that you have only 10 JV partners and each of them have only 5,000 members in their list.

That's a maximum exposure of 50,000 people. And the best part is that it is targeted, responsive, and FREE!

If they personally endorse your product, the conversion rate will be much higher. It has been discovered that third party endorsements (by your JV partners) are more effective than your own endorsement.

You now have a total maximum exposure, including your own list, of 53,000 people.

If the conversion rate is ONLY 1% (You can expect a higher conversion rate of about 5%) and your product is $47.00.

The potential sales is: $24,910.00

I hope you are beginning to see the potential of having JV partners. Try it out and I am sure you'll be amazed at what you can achieve.

...a manual for getting your own JV deals up and running...

Richard's "JV Secrets" is a lot more than just secrets. It's a manual for getting your own JV deals up and running. It shows you all the steps for finding, contacting, and winning over JV partners.

My favourite part of this manual? After Richard shows you the techniques, he takes you on 4 of his own JV deals -- and shows you how he applied the techniques. I love case studies, because they give you a real view of how the methods can be used in different situations.

This is not only a great help for those trying to get their first JV deals. I've printed this out and put it on my resource shelf, so I can always look for new ideas.

Thanks Richard,

Mission Leader Kevin Riley
Osaka, Japan

...A Powerful And Practical Guide For Anybody Interested In Joint Venture Marketing...

G' Day Richard,

I just wanted to write you a quick note about just how powerful I think JVSecrets is.

After being glued to it for over an hour I couldn't help but discover how you became so successful so quickly.

It was practical and breaks down each and every step that anybody needs to become a successful internet marketer via Joint Ventures.

I love how page 10 explains exactly why Joint Ventures are so powerful
(number 3 is my favorite). I also love how you reveal all the resources and materials and how you did it in your successful projects.

My opinion is that this is a MUST READ and receives my full endorsement.


Paul Kleinmeulman

...It provides theoretical and practical information...

Hi Richard

Here's what I liked about your new ebook Richard Quek's JV Secrets:
It provides theoretical and practical information.
You have actually dissected 4 of your own JV projects and revealed to the reader how you set them up.
You showed the strategies you created for each project and went to the extent of providing the actual emails that you used as well as the purpose and psychology behind each email.
This is indeed a step-by-step guide to setting up successful JVs.
I have worked with you before and I know that you are sharing the  information in the ebook from your own personal experience. This is what makes this ebook special.
Great job!
Mike Mograbi
Internet Marketing News Watch

Hi, Richard!

I have just finished reading your new e-book, Richard Quek's JV Secrets. As a big fan of your EXPOSED and ZOOM books, I knew this would be another great resource - NO ONE puts the effort, thought and diligent research into their publications the way you do...

However, I was NOT prepared for just how thorough this new work is! You have provided such detailed information, accompanied by the actual e-mails you used, that even a newbie could use this e-book to launch a successful Joint Venture their first time out! Better still, your detailed explanation of how the products were created makes this e-book equally valuable as a guide to creating e-products AND a guide to successfully interviewing successful people - there's no end to the value you've provided in this one volume.

I look forward to getting this out to our lists - this is certainly a resource they can ALL benefit from!

Your friends,

Doug & Teri Champigny,

Hi Richard,

Well done! I am impressed by with the way you have presented the info -
clear, concise and without any fluff.

The email templates alone is worth more than what you're charging this book for.

I do appreciate the chapter on "Mindset" - what's required to succeed in IM.

Too many marketers fail to take action because they fear failure or rejection.

I believe that is one of the main hurdles any Internet Marketer has to overcome before achieving great success.

Your advice - "The worst thing that can happen is that they say no!" is PRICELESS! :-)

Keep up the great work!

Best regards,


You've done it! You took what *really works* when it comes to winning joint ventures, and boiled it down into an easy-to-follow, powerful model.

The fact that you've put in the *actual emails* you've used to attract super JV partners makes this course priceless.

This is a must read for anyone who wants to succeed in the world of joint ventures.

Sean Wu

So how much is your investment?

I give seminars on Internet marketing and my participants pay me a minimum of US$1,500.00 per person to attend my 2 1/2 day seminar. I could easily put a price tag of $197.00 for this ebook. The truth is that I am providing all the strategies and resources that I personally used in my JV projects. This my friend, is priceless!

However, I sincerely want you to tap into my brain so that you too can become successful. I also know that if I ask $197.00 for the ebook, many will not be able to have access to it.

So I am releasing Richard Quek's JV Secrets into your hands for ONLY $47.00

This is not a typo. Seriously, I want you to be able to have access to this valuable information. I guarantee that it will be different from other ebooks that you may have purchased in the past. In fact it will be life-changing!


To sweeten the above offer I am providing you with tons of bonuses. I have specially contacted some of my JV partners to offer you these bonuses. Here is a small list of what you'll be receiving:


Six MP3 Audio Coaching Sessions with Mark Hendricks

You'll learn: why most affiliates never make money, the quick and easy way for you to achieve expert status, how to find out exactly what people want to buy, how to use the six psychological triggers to get people to take buying action now, how to profit from people who don't buy from you, how to get nine times the profits from your email campaigns, and much, much more!

Value: $197.00

Seize Your Potential & Prosper With Net Marketing by Mike G

Find out what is Passive and Proactive Marketing from this course. Learn to Utilize low and no cost direct marketing strategies to catapult your business to the next quantum level.

Value: $189.00

Email Profit Triggers by Michael Nicholas

Turn Your Email In-Box On FIRE With Commissions Using This Simple Newsletter Publishing Course That
Shows How To Stuff Cash Directly Into Your Bank Account...
Each And Every Week... Week After Week!
EPT Ebook Value $77.00 -----> Cost Waived For A Limited Time - It's Yours FREE! PLUS W / Added List Building Bonuses The Total Value = $227!

Value: $227.00

Feathers Of Seduction: How To Attract JV Partners by Kevin Riley (Exclusively Written To Complement Richard's "Joint Venture Secrets" -- presently not available anywhere else)

Before you ever approach prospective JV partners, there are steps to take that will make you more attractive to them. The seduction starts early in the game, and with this manual you'll discover all the little things that you can easily do to make your "feathers" the most attractive.

Value: $37.00

Joint Venture Master Course by Bob Bastian

Discover The Secrets To Generating Thousands of The Most Qualified 'Cash-In-Hand' Prospects.. At No Cost! All the tools and resources you need to setup profitable joint ventures!

Value: $77.00

HTML-Crypto Website Security Software by Leon Klepfish

Crypto is the ultimate website security solution.
If you want to guarantee the safety of your online business from hackers, fraudsters, and copycats, then this is the one software that you need to have.

Value: $97.00

My Early Days On The Net by John Delavera

Creating an Online Future from Scratch! Find out How to Give Your Learning-Curve & Internet Marketing efforts a Turbo-Boost! A Manual that helps average Joe, newbies and all wanna-be marketer to understand how Internet & marketing work.

Value: $17.00

Affiliate Page Pro by Paul Kleinmeulman

The Simple Yet Powerful Tool That Will Allow You To Build And Command Your Own Enormous Army Of Affiliates. Get your affiliates contact details... communicate constantly and provide the resources that make it incredibly easy for them to promote your products.

Value: $77.00

Article Marketing Strategies by David Zohar

Article Marketing Strategies is a new book that reveals everything you need to know to SKYROCKET your online profits with article marketing. Even if you can't write and you have absolutely no Internet marketing experience at all!

Value: $37.00

Web Video Wizard by Richard Quek

The Easy Way For You To Start Using & Profiting With Online Video! This Software Is So Simple That You Could Have One Or More Streaming Videos On Your Website Just 10 Minutes From Now.

Value: $67.00


11. Turn Your Visitors into Buyers by Denise Hall! Discover 15 simple things you can do to your website right now that will boost your conversion rate and turn your traffic into buyers.

Value: $97.00

12. No Stress Network Marketing by Richard Baker. How to Maximize Your MLM Profits Without Leaving Your Home.

Value: $27.00

13. Pathway To Success by Irena Whitfield. Unique Free Opportunity! Internet #1 Millionaire Resources! Since 2000 published every other Sunday to over 138,000 Subscribers in 94 countries, our FREE Ezine helps Readers to succeed in their online home business.

Value: $99.00

14. Ebiz Revealed by Ken Radford. A Simple Guide To Help You Make More Money Online!

Value: $39.95

15. The Joomla! Catapult Report by John Ridgway. Here's a Report SHOWCASING the marvelous things YOU can do with the Joomla! Content Management System.

Value: $47.00

16. My Space Marketing Secrets by Shawn Casey. Discover how you can join and be part of the wave of the future in Web 2.0 social networking and use it to promote yourself and explode your business to achieve greater heights.

Value: $39.00

17. Cam Studio IM by Richard Quek.

This is a great software for screen capture. Record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry standard AVI video files. It is similar to the one selling for almost $300.00

Value : $47.00

18. Teleseminars & Webinars - 25 Secrets You Need To Know! by Doug & Teri Champigny

There's no need to tell you that teleseminars and webinars are powerful tools used by every big dog - you're probably invited to a few each week through their e-zines. But until now, no one was willing to share the info on how to use these resources in YOUR online arsenal. Now Doug Champigny has put everything you need to know into one volume - get this vital
info now and start using these tools today!

Master Resell Rights & Salespage Included.


In addition, these Bonuses will be updated with new ones as I receive them.


30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so convinced that you will be delighted with this ebook that I want to be the one to take the risk. Order Richard Quek's JV Secrets and digest all the information contained within it. If within 30 Days you are not satisfied with the ebook, I do not want your money. Send me an email and I'll send you the refund without any hesitation.

You can trust me on this, just as I trust you to give my book a fair trial.

So if you are genuinely interested in succeeding in your Online business and you are motivated to read the ebook and implement the ideas and strategies - Grab your copy Now!

(check the box, then click the "Order" Button)

Richard, Give me my Richard Quek's JV Secrets!

YES! I would like immediate access to the ‘Richard Quek's JV Secrets’ ebook

I understand that I'll receive the e-book in PDF format within the next 5 minutes.

I also understand that I am entitled to the promotional price of ONLY US$47.00 and that my purchase is subject to a 30 days 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

(It does not matter if it is 2.00am in the morning)

I congratulate you for reaching this part of the sales copy. I believe that you are genuinely looking for ways to bring your Internet business to the next level and I urge you not be be just a site scroller!

Now consider these facts if you do not order now...

1. You will miss the special promotion price. The price will be increased to $67.00 after the first 500 units have been taken up. Then the price will be fixed at $97.00 after 1,000 units have been sold.

2. You will still be trying all the ineffective traffic generating strategies and wasting money and time with lots of heartache.

3. Your competitors who have this ebook will have an edge over you. They probably are starting their JV projects right now while you are still deciding and reading this.

4. You'll never know what the strategies to create rapport with your potential JV partners are.

Lastly I would like to thank you for visiting this web site. Whatever decision you make I wish you well.


Best Wishes,

Richard Quek

Richard Quek

P.S The special offer price of $47.00 is limited to the first 500 copies.

P.P.S You receive a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

P.P.P.S If you act now, you will receive the tons of bonuses from my JV partners.

Here are more testimonials...

Richard, It is an honour to know you personally

When you meet a guy with such insight and humility.  You do want to learn and make him a "guru".

I consider you as the one who truly exercise what you teach.

I have read the entirety of this book and I am amazed on how thorough you are sharing the step-by-step secret for your JV tactics. It is surely a guide book written from the true heart of marketer and your approach to JV with another marketer is surely hard to say "no".

I have used JV when I started my project in 2006, and since then I have sharpened my skill but reading your book give more than insight. You give me a true guide plus how I wish I have got this secret before I started my venture. I believe I may have aced it even better back then. Richard, you have done it again!

Dian Ferdinand

Hi Richard,

I just finished reading your latest ebook and I want to tell you that it's excellent. You've truly spilled all your secrets for finding and keeping good joint venture partners.

Using your simple-to-follow guidelines, anyone can set up JV's with no trouble at all. Their traffic and profits will soar in no time!

Denise Hall


Wow... I just finished reading your ebook... "Excellent" is really an understatement...

I've very much appreciated your JV expertise in the past, but having you share your various experiences all in one ebook in such a 'no nonsense' fashion was delightful and very enlightening... thanks so much...

Ken Radford

Hi Richard,

What I like about your ebook is there are no theories about JV marketing. Only the exact system you actually use to score profitable joint ventures with top Internet marketers.

There is no stone left unturned. You cover everything from basics of joint venture to managing long-time relationships with your JV partners. Therefore, this ebook is perfect for both newbie and more experienced marketers.

You also provide detailed case studies and the actual email templates to correspond with JV partners. You really did spill all the beans, eh Richard? :-)

Keep up the good work!


Bob Bastian

Hi Richard!

You got something really going great there! I was reading Just the first few paragraphs and I was amazed what you shared in your book is truly amazing!

I love the secret tips you have shared in the package and would surely apply them in my next attempt to get Joint Venture Partners.

I would strongly recommend anyone who want to learn how to get joint ventures get a copy of Richard's JV Secret Project before he decides to be smart and charge higher

10/10 Rating!

Alvin Phang - The Profitable Blogger

"Hey Mr. Quek, I can't believe you actually printed out the flow of e-mail conversations you had with fellow JV partners. These are actually templates. Those past e-mails that you keep is already one lesson and one reason that's worth the time reading Joint Venture Secrets. Thanks mate!"

Nelson Tan

Richard Quek gives you An Exact Formula to Create your Joint Venture with his new eBook - JV Secrets

Step by step...

Right from How to even Start Thinking about a JV Plan To...

Every nut and bolt needed to put it into action.

Some Highlights :
- How to attain a Professional JV attitude
- How to cope with all the Challenges
- Best of all - How to establish LONG-TERM Relationships with JV Partners you've never met.

It's all there, and is all you need EVEN if you are about to embark on your First Joint Venture Project.

This will be the definitive Resource in your Library in the Joint Venture arena.

John Ridgway
Now Everybody Can Use Joomla!

I can honestly say this book has opened my eyes on the potential
and possibilities of joint ventures, it is going to open a few doors for anyone who reads it. It serves as a great guide, Richard helps you to avoid the pitfalls and steers you around the stumbling blocks in your JV endeavors.

Julian Tong

Richard, your book is a welcome "breath of fresh air" based upon experience, not theory or conjecture. As a student of Joint Venturing since 2002, using my own unique version of doing JVs, and having
been one of your Joint Venture partners, I can personally verify that you really do know what you're talking about--and that you walk what
you talk.

In your well-written, easy to follow style, you've left virtually no stone unturned as you lead the reader through the various aspects of doing JVs coupled with real-life examples from your own experience. But you don't stop there; you also provide a very informative "paint-by-numbers" walk-through of your own Joint Ventures, which is an especially valuable feature in itself. For anyone serious about succeeding with JV's, I highly recommend your JV Secrets as a definite "must have" authoritative work.

Seeking YOUR Success,

Stephen Boutelle,
"The Premiere Info-Strategist"

Co-founder of IMNewswatch.com

Hi Richard,

Honestly when I first came across the product, I was slightly skeptical as to whether it will deliver on it's promise. But after going through the contents, I must say I was really impressed.

This eBook is unlike most of the guides out there which is filled with pages after pages of content with no proof of whether it works.

Rather, it is filled with four comprehensive case studies on how Richard conducts his Joint Ventures. Heck, he even shows you the exact emails he sent out! This is followed by the dissection of the results and what are the tips that everyone should take note of.

Think of it as seeing LIVE how Richard became from a relatively unknown marketer to doing JVs with all the established marketers everyone can only dream of.

This will truly serve as an inspiration for those who often live in the belief that it's impossible to seek JV partners who are more established than you.

Certainly a must read for all product owners! Even for those who have yet to own any products, this guide will definitely come in handy at some point in your life.

To Your JV Success!

Calvin Woon

Hey Richard,

I'm sending you this message to you from my own initiative, after I just finished the "Joint Venture Secrets" e-book.

All I want to say it's impressing and it cuts the learning curve A LOT. It's the definitive guide on building social proof and I'll recommend it to all my partners and friends.

We all know that without some "networking" you can't achieve many things in any business, that's why Joint Ventures are so important. To everyone reading my testimonial now, my only words are: grab a copy, read it because it's worhty, for every cent that you put into your order!

Thanks a lot Rich!

Vladimir Ghetau

Dear Richard,

Sat down and read the book. Now I'm done, I can only say - WOW! This is the definitive guide to relationship building and joint venturing.

I love the way you explain your joint venturing process in detail, and not to mention all the email samples that you made available. I'm definitely printing this book out and keeping it handy by my table.

Thanks for a wonderful product! One of the best I've ever purchased.


Your JV Secrets E-Book Doesn't Make CENTS, It Makes DOLLARS!


Your E-book JV Secrets is just amazing! I bought my copy on its release date and read it cover to cover twice in one day. You didn't leave anything to ones imagination. You covered it all.

The best part is it also serves as a detailed checklist prior to sending out any JV invitation.

I have been in marketing and advertising for 35 years and will use it as "required reading" for my sales team.

Your e-book is easy to read and the flow is perfect. This book is perfect
for the newbie marketer as well as the seasoned professional!

I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Great job!
I highly recommend it to every marketer.

Gary Bacchetti
Flash-Splash Advertising


Dear Richard,

I am french and I have a big internet business in french speaking countries and a small one in english speaking countries.

I bought your JV Secrets course and loved it. In fact it's the 6th program I bought on the subject.

I am very experienced with joint ventures, made million dollar's once, and only yours was the perfect match with my thoughts.

I learned new and very useful tips, got new ideas, and it helped me to understand better the intuitive process that I use.

So that's a big THANK YOU!

Your course's worth is 10 times, maybe 100 times the price we pay. With this course, sky is the limit, whatever your actual situation.

Christian Godefroy